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The Measuring Principle:

The lipometer opens up a completely new perspective to the human body composition. It is an optical system forĀ  precise measurement of the subcutaneous fat in mm. The validation of the lipometer has been done using computed tomography which guarantees an exact measurement up to a thickness of 50mm of subcutaneous fat.

Standardized Measuring Points:

A set of 15 anatomically clearly defined body sites, from neck to calf, allows the determination of the subcutaneous fat topography. This allows to create an individual profile for each subject which is compared to a database.

Database and Statistical Analyses:

Until today more than 20.000 people have been measured with the lipometer. The data of more than 3.000 men, women and children from 8 to 80 have been included in our database. Additionally you will find the profiles of a multitude of patients having Type 2 Diabetes, coronary heart diseases or fertility disorders in our database. This allows us to compare your data with subjects of same age and sex and give you an analysis of your statusĀ  compared to healthy and diseased individuals.