Gutes oder Böses Fett?Good or bad fat?Gutes oder Böses Fett?Gutes oder Böses Fett?Gutes oder Böses Fett?Gutes oder Böses Fett?Gutes oder Böses Fett?

Good or bad fat?

Overweight is a risk for your health but this is not the only problem, since it is mainly the distribution of the fat on the body that causes Type 2 Diabetes and Atherosclerosis — the main cause for heart attacks and strokes. Using the lipometer it is possible to detect your risk to get certain diseases even if you are not overweight:

The figures below show two young women of same age, with similar size and weight. They have a similar body mass index of about 21 and their calculated body fat percentage is in a normal range.

Comparing the body fat distribution profiles of the two women you can see a pear profile for the left person and an apple profile for the right one which indicates a heavily increased risk for obesity, coronary heart diseases and Type 2 Diabetes.

The fat at different body sites has different effects on the human metabolism. Therefore it is not the absolute mass of fat but the fat distribution that is critical. Only by using the lipometer you can detect these potentially dangerous and critical effects of body fat distribution and not only the absolute fat or weight.